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You can watch our experts provide an exclusive look at the Center’s work saving marine mammals and learn how you can help protect our ocean.

Watch below for our Facebook Live conversations with our experts about their efforts to save whales, seals and other marine mammals. Plus, you’ll learn about easy actions you can take to help our ocean.

After the Call: Marine Mammal Rescue

Have you ever wondered what happens after a call comes in to one of our response hotlines? Well, now is your chance to find out! Response experts Aliah Meza, from our San Luis Obispo hospital, and Lauren van Heukelem, from our Hawai‘i hospital, share how they respond to thousands of reports of marine mammals each year. Plus, find out how YOU can help these animals while at the beach or from your own couch.

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harbor seal pup vocalizing on a beach
Photo © Rob Cala
elephant seal lying on the beach with an entanglement around her neck
photo by Marjorie Cox © Point Reyes National Seashore

Saving an Entangled Seal

Entanglements can make it hard for marine mammals to swim, eat or even breathe. So when our trained responders received a report of an elephant seal with a life-threatening entanglement around their neck, they leapt into action. To raise the stakes, the seal was a new mom still nursing her young pup. Tune in LIVE to hear how the Center’s experts, Morgan Clyde and Ryan Berger, coordinated a team effort to save this young mom.

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Whales in the Bay

San Francisco Bay has seen an abundance of marine life in recent months – notably large cetacean species like humpback and gray whales. While some have been seen resting or feeding, an alarming number of gray whale carcasses have washed ashore this month. Join our cetacean experts Bill Keener and Dr. Tim Markowitz to learn what this recent activity means for whales and how we can best protect our ocean and the animals that call it home.

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gray whales surfacing under the Golden Gate Bridge
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