Cruise Leader's Planning Guide


Dear Coordinator:

Thank you for volunteering to lead a lunch cruise and/or overnight cruise. The club is totally dependent upon you and other volunteers to make our cruise events a total success. We want to encourage all our members to be involved in the club’s activities. Volunteering is one way to meet new friends and build on our club’s success. The following is a guideline built on previous experience that will help you put together a first class event.

  • PLANNING AN EVENT- Do you have an idea for a lunch cruise or overnight event? The Booking guide attached will help you gather all the information you need to design the event. Have you volunteered to lead a cruise where the Seafarers have met before? Ask the Cruise Director for the Booking guides and Cruise Critiques that were completed by previous Cruise Coordinators. If previous guides are not available you need to fill out the information guides as if it were a first trip. Find out who was the Cruise Coordinator on the last trip and have that person help you complete the Booking guide and activities. Building a library of this information will help all Cruise Coordinators in the future plan their events.
  • TIMING OF AN EVENT-Talk to the Cruise Director about timing or if the Cruise Director has set the date check with the marina or destination to confirm availability. The Cruise Committee needs to be flexible with event dates because there are many other boat clubs all planning cruising activities.
  • COMMUNICATING AN EVENT- Once the date has been set you need to get that event on the Seafarers Calendar. You also need to put together an information board that sells your event to the club members. Provide sign up sheets; see samples attached, at all the General Meetings. You need to communicate all the details of the event to the Web Master so the event is published on the Seafarers web page. Following is information that needs to be sent to the Web Master:

1.  Event name and destination.

2.  Date of the event for the web calendar.

3.  Photos of the destination and a write up of the event.

4.  Names and boat information of all club members that sign up on the web page and on the paper sign up sheets at the General Meetings. This is forwarded weekly or as members sign up for the events

  • CONFIRMING AN EVENT- The Cruise Coordinator should confirm back by email to all members that sign up for an event. A copy should go to the Web Master to be sure all names get on the web page sign up sheet.                                                                                              Stay in touch with the marina or restaurant to update participation for the event. Use the sign up sheets with the marina to give them the vital information on boat statistics.
  • PLANNING A CAPTAINS MEETING- Click here to see attached list.
  • CRITIQUING THE EVENT- Click here to see attached form.