Cruising Guide and Checklist

 We want all our Seafarers to be active in the cruising schedule. The following is a check list you may want to use that will make getting ready a little easier.

The Seafarers have three kinds of cruise events.

The lunch cruise which is a same day event.
The raft up which is a same day event.
The overnight cruise and/or raft up which is a more than one day event.

The following guideline should help you prepare for all three events.

·  Looking for a cruise event check the PGI Seafarers web page - calendar.

·  Find an event on the web page and sign up online. The sign up will tell you who is going on the cruise. Look for a confirmation from the cruise leader and/or check the web site to be sure your name is listed on the sign up sheet.

·  The week of the cruise start getting a long range weather forecast. Remember the following with regard to Seafarer cruises:

  • A small craft warning posted on the day of the event automatically cancels the cruise.
  • A small craft advisory on the day of the event means the event may be canceled by the cruise leader and/or the Cruise Director at their discretion.
  • Ultimately, as the captain of your vessel, it’s your decision to determine the safety of your vessel and passengers.

·  If a captains meeting is posted it’s in your best interest to attend the meeting. You will get all the information you need to plan the cruise.

Check List For Your Vessel.

·  Check your fuel. Remember the 1/3 rule.

·  For docking you need a minimum of five dock lines. Carry more.

·  Check oil levels in your engines and transmissions and carry extra oil.

·  Make your First Mate happy, check the air conditioning and head. (Toilet). Carry extra deodorizer for the holding tank.

·  Carry a step device to help exit your boat.

·  Check your running lights.

·  Check fire extinguishers to be sure they work.

·  Make sure you have life vests for each person aboard.

·  Do you have a chart that shows the route to event? Don’t cruise without charts.

·  Check to see that your VHF radio is working. Call SeaTow or Boat US to verify your radio is working. Carry a cell phone as a back up.

·  Carry a copy of the sign up sheet for the event. It has all the vital information you need to get in touch with a club member going on the cruise.

·  Check to see your power cord is working. Carry an extra length if you have one.

·  Have you filled your water tank and emptied your holding tank?

·  In an emergency be familiar with the call signs:

May Day- May Day- May Day.
Pan- Pan, Pan- Pan, Pan-Pan
Security, Security, Security

Supply Check List

·  Check the cruise leader’s agenda for the cruise or go to the Captains meeting. You will learn what food supplies to bring for the event.

·  Always carry a First Aid kit.

·  Pack a blanket and coats for the winter events. Pack rain gear for all events.

·  Carry insect repellant and sun tan lotion on your boat.

·  If you have folding chairs and a table bring them.

·  Aspirin and Alka Seltzer are recommended for the day after a Seafarer cocktail party.

·  Think about how you plan to prepare the food you brought on the trip. Do you need to pack a fry pan, toaster oven, blender, etc.

·  Do you need a cooler for extra storage for drinks and food?

Finally, and most important, make out a Float Plan. This is to let someone know where you’re going and when you plan to be back.