General Meeting Minutes - March 27, 2018

 Called to order 5:21pm by Vice Commodore Joe Preece (Peter absent). 

Motion by Harry Ensley to accept minutes of last General Meeting, seconded by all present, minutes accepted. 

Treasurers Report by Joe (Brad absent) 

Beginning Balance $5289.96 

Income $1656.31  

Expense  $124.14 (PayPal) 

Ending Balance $6822.13 

Membership Report by Kerry Foscardo 

Prior members 274; lost 52, new 6, total 228. 

Two new members are John and Teresa FitzGerald. 

Cruise Report by Gary Cameron 

In March, Laddie and Betty led a cruise to Marina Jacks, and the Eptings led a lunch cruise to Millers Dockside. April 4, Gardners will lead a lunch cruise to Micellis in Matlache; on the 16th, Toniattis will lead a lunch cruise to Barnacle Phils. Camerons will lead a cruise to Aquamarina. 

Joe presented a report on the Regatta – The theme will be Escape from Gilligan’s Island, and cross dressing is allowed… Signups are needed for various committees. Some form of water racing will occur (i.e., kayak or sailboat, or both) 

 Social Report by Mike Slattery The Arcadia Rodeo was very nice, a great day. There is a new stadium. Carla Clark is organizing the picnic at Ponce Park. There will be a Bye Bye Birdie chicken dinner for the departing snowbirds. 

Education Report by Bob Riggs The MMSI and AIS report on You Tube has no available volume, so report not presented. One member present has MMSI and digital selective calling. To obtain MMSI for your boat, first step is to obtain the number through the US Coast Guard. The number that comes with a used boat is no longer operative. A new one must be obtained and the old one deleted. Second, program the number into your radio. Third, put it into your GPS system. The website for the number is 

Even if your signal doesn’t go far enough to reach a Coast Guard station, it will get to a ship, which transmits it to yet another ship and so on until it reaches a Coast Guard station. MMSI also allows you to describe the emergency. 

50/50 won by Gary Cameron ($24) and Janet F. ($24). 

 Joe stated a notice will go out to the membership regarding allowing Freedom Boat Club members to apply for Seafarer membership., so the entire membership will get a vote. The majority wins, with no further discussion. All other PGICA boat clubs allow them in. Freedom Boat Club members must keep their membership active in order to stay in Seafarers. 

Motion to adjourn and second by all, adjourned 6:15pm.