Membership Application

To submit this application by mail or in person, print out and complete, then send to:
Jim Sutliff, 2811 Ryan Blvd., Punta Gorda, FL 33950
or the PGI Seafarers,
 2001 Shreve Street, Punta Gorda, FL  33950

 Name: __________________________________________________ 

First Mate's Name: ___________________________________________________ 

Address: _____________________________________________________________________ 

Telephone: ___________________________________ 

E-Mail (list all):________________________________________________________________ 

Are you a full-time resident of Punta Gorda?     Yes  _____     No  _____ 

If not, alternate address: _________________________________________________________ 

Dates during which you are away: ________________________________________________ 

Boating Experience: Other current or past boating or Yacht Club memberships:


 Offices held: __________________________________________________________________ Please complete the following information about your boat: 

Boat Name: __________________________________________________________________ 

Type (power/trawler/sail)  : __________________________________________________ 

Length: ________________  Beam: ______________  Draft: _______________ 

Membership Requirements:The full requirements and expectations for membership are shown on the Seafarers' website at www.pgiseafarers.orgPlease read this information before applying.  As part of this application, you must certify that you own or timeshare a boat and you must provide evidence of successfully completing a Safe Boating Course. 

___Own  a boat or a share thereof    

Boating Certificate held: ________________________________________
All members are expected to participate in club events and help organize club activities.  On which of the following committees would you or your first mate be willing to serve?  Please check all that apply:

____ Cruise Committee

____ Social Committee

____ Membership Committee

____ Communications Committee

____ Education Committee

____ Finance Committee 

Would you or your mate be interested in serving on the Board of Directors?
 ____  Yes    ____ No
The Seafarers are always in need of people with specialized skills.  Please identify those that apply to you or your first mate (i.e., computer, software, financial, newsletter writing, etc.):


 Why do you want to become a Seafarer?


Upon acceptance, please be prepared to provide a photograph of you and your mate, and one of your boat, for the Seafarers' online directory.  Also, the initiation fee is $50, and the yearly dues are $40 for a couple and $20 for a single.  These fees will be required at the time of admission.

Club activities are planned well in advance, based upon available local knowledge and cannot take into account weather, sea state, conditions at the proposed destination, or other factors that may affect the actual cruise.  I, as captain of my vessel, understand I must make the final decisions as to conditions that affect me.  I must also evaluate my boat's capabilities, my own skills and experience, to make the final decision as to whether to go or cancel a trip or when selecting a safe boat speed, route, and the multitude of other operational decisions that are necessary in boating. 

Captain signature: ________________________________________________ 

First Mate signature: ______________________________________________ 

Date: _______________________________

Thank you for your interest in the PGI Seafarers ... Someone will contact you shortly. 

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