Operating Policies



Ratified by the Board of Directors May 26, 2015

GENERAL:  The Standing Rules and Operating Policies of the PGI Seafarers Cruising Club (Club) are to aid and guide the leadership and members of the Club.  These Standing Rules and Operating Policies reflect the decisions approved by the Club’s Board of Directors (Board) on matters of a less permanent nature not warranting inclusion in the Bylaws.  These Standard Rules and Operating Policies are binding on the members and on the Club’s operation.  The Board in accordance with the procedures set forth by the Board shall make additions, deletions and amendments to the Standing Rules and Operating Policies.  The rationale for this procedure is in keeping with the Club’s Bylaws, Article 4, and Sections 1 & 2.  Specifically, it is the purpose of the Board to manage the business of the Club in a manner that avoids taking up members’ time with the minutia of detailed activities of the organization.

These Rules and Policies shall be reviewed annually by the Board and published for the membership.


1.  The Nominating Committee shall prepare a slate of officers and directors from the entire membership.  There is no expectation that one office shall necessarily follow another.

2.  Members of the Board shall not take advantage of their status in the Club to achieve discounts or incentives not offered to the general membership.

3.  The Membership Committee shall maintain a waiting list of prospective members who have applied in the proper written format, in sequentially numbered order based on date and order of receipt.  Openings in the membership will be filled first from the earliest received membership application.

4.  Membership may continue for members without a boat after one year of regular membership.  (Amended by the Board May 2015).

5.  The Commodore shall appoint a sunshine person who will report to the Membership Director.  This sunshine person shall send appropriate best wishes on behalf of the Club to any member who is seriously ill or send condolence to the member’s family in the event of the member’s death.  (Motion of Henry Bauman, 4/20/05)

6.  The Club expects participation of all members in Club activities.

7.  The total number of active memberships permitted in the Club, as approved by the Board is targeted at 300.  (Amended by the Board May 2015).

8.  The Board will update events and annotate the number of attendees monthly.  (Jim Doolittle 04/25/06)

9.  Dinghies, canoes, personal watercraft, kayaks, etc. do not qualify as a boat for membership.  (Barry Jollett 11/21/07)

10.  Online electronic voting may be utilized when deemed appropriate by the Board.


1.  In order to have expenses reimbursed, a committee person must have the expense approved by their respective chairperson.  The Board must have their expenses approved by another Board member.  All Club expenditures shall be promptly reported to the Treasurer.

2.  Once the budget is approved, the Treasurer is empowered to disburse money according to the pre-established budgetary guidelines.  The Board must approve any expenses above the budgeted amount prior to their disbursement.

3.  No Board member or general member may contract in the name of the Club unless previously authorized by the Board or by the adopted budget.

4.  Annual dues for each fiscal year are $40.00 per household with the maximum of two adults, payable only by check made out to “PGI Seafarers”.  Dues for each additional adult in the same household are $20 per year.  Each adult member is entitled to one vote.  A reminder that annual membership dues are payable by January 1st and will be announced at the November General Membership meeting, posted on the Club’s website and placed in the Non-E-mailer’s Book at the Civic Association.  During December and January an attempt will be made to contact all members whose dues have not been received.  In accordance with the Club’s Bylaws, contained in Article 2, Section 3B, dues not received by February 1st shall be cause for termination of membership. (11/23/10)

5.  Money paid by membership for Club purchases and activities shall be in the form of checks made payable to “PGI Seafarers” or cash.  (Motion made by Bob Stebbins 04/20/05)

6.  The Initiation Fee of the Club shall be $50 per couple and $35 per single membership in addition to the Annual Dues.  The amount of the initiation fee is payable only by check made in the name of “PGI Seafarers” and shall cover the cost of nametag(s) and a burgee  (Motion of Bob Stebbins 02-22-04) (Amended by the Board May 2015)

7.  Effective August 1, 2007, Sales Tax must be collected and paid to the PGICA on items the Seafarers buy and sell to members or others in accordance with “Punta Gorda Isles Civic Association – Group Sales Tax Policy” issued by the PGICA to the Presidents’ Council on July 31, 2007.

The following is a summary of the policy:

A.  Effective August 1, 2007, we must collect and pay sales tax on items sold.  We do NOT have to pay sales tax on any items sold before August 1, 2007.

B.  The tax for each month shall be forwarded to the PGICA and the report sent to the PGICA Treasurer.

C.  Burgees and Name Badges that we issue as part of the initiation are NOT taxable.

D.  Replacement Burgees and Name Badges ARE taxable if sold above cost.

E.  If we pay sales tax at purchase and sell WITHOUT markup, taxing and reporting are not required.

F.  If we pay tax at purchase and sell WITH markup, tax must be collected and reported on the marked up portion of the sales price.

G.  If we do not pay sales tax at purchase, we must collect and report the tax for the entire sales price.

Sales shall be reported as follows

Sales                                        $$$
Sales Tax Collected                  $$$
Total Collected                         $$$

The Treasurer shall summarize the sales and prepare the Tax Report and forward with a check to the PGICA per B above. (8/22/07)


1.  All motions considered by the Board can be passed by a simple majority of the Board present at the meeting when the motion is considered, unless otherwise required.

2.  Standing Rules and Operating Policies may be adopted, amended or deleted by a two-thirds vote of the Board.  All changes to the Standing Rules and Operating Policies will be announced to the membership at the next scheduled membership meeting and published in the Club’s minutes.  (Motion of Hank Bauman 4/20/05)

3.  Any member may request consideration of a new Standing Rule or Operating Policy or make a request for an amendment or deletion thereto by application in writing to the Commodore.  The member proposing the change shall attend the Board meeting when the matter is being considered to provide an explanation for the Board’s consideration.  If adopted by the Board, the new rule shall be published at the next general membership meeting following its approval.

4.  The identity of the Board member or member making a motion for a Standing Rule, or the amendment of a Standing Rule, shall be noted at the end of the rule, along with the date of its passage or revision.  (Motion of Hank Bauman 4/20/05)

5.  The Club secretary is responsible for maintaining and updating the list of Standing Rules and Operating Policies (motion of Hank Bauman, 04-20-05).


1.  SAFE BOATING POLICY:  It is the Board’s policy that safe boating is every member’s personal responsibility.  As such, the Board has adopted the following policy:

Club activities are planned well in advance and cannot take into account the weather, sea state, physical conditions at the proposed destination and other unforeseeable factors that may affect the actual cruise.  Each member, as captain of the boat, is expected to know the conditions necessary for the safe operation of the vessel and is responsible to make the final decision on whether participation in a cruise is safe for himself/herself, any passengers and the vessel.  Furthermore, only the captain can fully evaluate the boat’s capabilities and his/her seamanship and navigational skills and experience when making the final decision as to whether to go or to cancel attendance on a trip.

This document was approved November 19, 2008 by vote of the Board of Directors, and published to the General Membership on the website 11/27/08 and in the December 2008 newsletter.

2.  PRIVACY POLICY: The personal information of Seafarer members contained in databases are to be held as strictly confidential and used exclusively for Seafarer business, events, and social activities. This information is not to be divulged to anyone or used for any other purpose.  The use of the bulk E-Mail programs are limited to the current Board for the purpose of disseminating information regarding club activities and events to the members.  (This Policy was presented by Co-Education Director, Scott Eason, and approved May 25, 2010 by vote of the Directors, and published to the General Membership at the May Monthly meeting 05/25/10 and published on the website 6/14/2010.) (Amended by the Board June 2015)

By vote of the Directors May 26, 2015 and to be presented to the General Membership at the June Monthly meeting and published on the website.

3.  BOARD MEETING DAY, TIME, AND PLACE.  The Executive Board shall meet on the second Thursday of each month at 3:30 pm at St. Andrews South Golf Club.  These meetings shall be posted on the Club Calendar one month in advance.